Adhesive Lead


Decra Led products are acknowledged as the clear leader in the world of self adhesive lead strip. A company synonymous with quality and innovation. The products are mainly supplied to the double glazing industry, but Decra Led also produce DIY kits for the home consumer.

Today the range and quality of their products make beautiful windows and doors possible across a wide range of domestic and commercial use. Leaded lights, traditional or modern stained glass effects - the potential variety has ensured success world wide.


All Decra Led products are made to the highest standards and tested to the requirements of both British Standard 5713 and ASTM E773-88 in the double glazing industry, passing with flying colours.

Technical Details

Decra Led is a lead strip with self adhesive backing - it is manufactured from refined lead ingots and is guaranteed to be a minimum 99% lead. It can be applied to any flat glass surface, providing it is clean and dry. It is suitable for internal and external use and has a ten year guarantee. In use world wide, it can withstand rain and the extremes of temperature. Decra Led is ideally suited for use in double glazing manufacture, the manufacture of furniture panels or for in-situ application to existing windows.